A Non-profit 501c3 Organization

Founded: 2013

​Activated: 2017

President: Lisa Great


Vision: A training and resource center for entrepreneurs, dreamers, wealth creators, kingdom advancers and people activators who are in need of a hand up.

Designer Clothing Line Developer in Lee's Summit, MO

A husband and wife team have been given some incredibly creative ideas for fashion, fragrance and future development in the the area of clothing for both men and women. They are in need of $50-$100,000 in start up capital to launch this business.

Low to No Interest Bank in Kansas City, MO
The desire to help many people fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams will come to pass as the dream to have a low to no interest bank is actualized by a dreamer in this area.

Establishing Women Entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe, Africa
A woman who has a Master's degree in Nutrition has a dream of liberating women in Zimbabwe through their business ideas that are supported and encouraged by their Pastor who has a vision for marketplace ministry for all his members in their village.

A Home for Foster Children
A couple in Missouri has a passion for foster children, a desire to create a safe place for them, during the transition time between homes. With a large piece of land and a home for these children, this couple could be a vehicle that lifts some of the burden off the system by providing a safe home for children.

Projects in Process

Advancing, Activating and Accessing

Apostolic Resource Center
(​A Non-profit 501c3 Organization)
Connecting kings with priests for the advancing of the kingdom of God!

​The Apostolic Resource Center is a training, equipping and deploying center.

Our desire is to establish connections, release resources and develop people to fulfill their dreams and goals as ministers in the marketplace as a way of advancing the kingdom of God on earth.

​Our passion is to give others a hand up, so they can activate the dream God has placed in their heart to reach people, sell a product, run a major corporation/ministry or help transform a city.

​Our goal is to receive financial donations, so we can resource people that have a dream, an idea, a project that they want to do, but are lacking the funding to do it. Then when their dream is accessed, they will send finances back to the Apostolic Resource Center, so we can continue with other dreamers.

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